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Extraordinary Everyday Leaders

Posted By : Elsa A. Ríos

I have the privilege of serving as coach to some of the most extraordinary leaders in the nonprofit sector and I am consistently inspired by them and their amazing work! While these extraordinary everyday leaders have very different personalities and leadership styles, they tend to share some key qualities. They are courageous, visionary, focused, open to learning, and passionate. Yet these same individuals are sometimes beleaguered, self-doubting, inpatient, have real blind spots and sometimes even succumb to negative and distorted thinking. Read More

Every Leader Needs A Leadership Plan

Posted By : Elsa A. Ríos

Authentic, transformational leaders share some very essential habits. They strive to understand themselves better and actively build a reflective leadership practice. It is this essential practice that fosters an extraordinary level of integrity, self- knowledge and principled action.

Here are some actions steps that can help you become an even better leader: Read More