Our Training and Facilitation Services

Strategies for Social Change (SSC) provides on-site training on a range of capacity building topics and also designs customized organizational retreats that advance key learning concepts, deeper dialogue and action planning among organizational participants.

Leadership Training and Retreat Facilitation

SSC designs specialized curricula and conducts two and three-day trainings or retreats on leadership development.

Customized organizational retreats can be designed to address specific organizational needs including action planning to build leadership throughout the organization and among constituents.

Training programs for grassroots advocates are also offered on topics such as: team building and work planning, techniques for effective coalition and network building, running effective meetings, consensus building and conflict resolution, among others.

Leadership Transition Planning

Our one-day leadership transition training helps organization to plan for the departure of the executive director. We introduce tools for helping organizations determine what kind of new leader or co-director model is needed and we provide a step by step guide to the leadership search, hiring and onboarding process.

Fund Development Training

SSC provides one day trainings on topics such as better grant writing, developing a fund development plan and organizing grassroots individual donor campaigns.

Board Governance and Training Retreat Facilitation

We offer one and two-day trainings and organizational retreats on the roles and responsibilities of board members, assessing and improving board performance, working effectively with the executive director and developing a board of directors’ annual work plan.

Strategic Planning Training

SSC offers a one-day training introducing key strategic planning concepts and tools in order to prepare organizations to effectively manage a strategic planning project.

Cultural Competency Training and Retreat Facilitation

We develop one and two-day trainings and organizational retreats introducing cultural competency concepts, organizational assessment tools and action strategies that help build culturally competent organizations.

Lotus for Ignit

Ideas that
Ignite Change

“Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other.”

— Paulo Freire

“SSC led a dynamic and engaging training in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for Emerging Female Leaders working in the HIV/AIDS field in Puerto Rico. The quality of the curriculum content and materials were superior; Elsa Ríos and Joyce Klemperer led the workshop (in Spanish) with confidence, yet they were so relatable and connected with the female participants wonderfully. Participants reported that this leadership training far surpassed the quality of other workshops they had attended. As the funder for this training, I was pleased with how interactive (and fun) the workshop was for participants, and at the same time provided women with crucial knowledge and skills that will aid them not only as individual leaders but also serve to strengthen HIV/AIDS community-based organizations in Puerto Rico.”

— Stephanie Cruse, MA

Program Manager, AIDS United