Books We Like

How to Be an Antiracist

by Ibram X. Kendi

This award-winning book provides a deep analysis of the harms of assimilationist thinking and the pathway towards becoming an anti-racist society.

Fumbling Towards Repair

by Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan

A fantastic workbook on ways to advance transformative justice and trauma-informed practices.  The workbook includes reflection questions, mini-assessments, facilitation tips, key definitions, resources, and activities.  A must-read for social justice organizations!

The Power Manual

by Cyndi Suarez 

This eye-opening book examines the complex dynamics of power including the concepts of domination, resistance, and choice. It introduces us to ways we can embrace our individual and collective power to advance justice and liberation. Our SSC team has used this book with social justice groups to strengthen shared leadership, better liberatory practices, and organizational culture change.

Coaching Skills for Nonprofit Managers and Leaders: Developing People to Achieve Your Mission

by Judith Wilson and Michelle Gislason

This book provides nonprofit managers with an understanding of the multiple benefits of coaching and shares excellent, practical techniques for coaching staff and peers.

Working With Emotional Intelligence

by Daniel Goleman

Research conducted by dozens of experts in government agencies and nonprofit organizations worldwide conclude that emotional intelligence is the barometer of excellence on virtually any job. This book explains what emotional intelligence is and why it counts more than IQ or expertise for excelling on the job.

“I’ve found a culturally competent coach that simultaneously understands the needs of our multiple and diverse stakeholders and also understands my need as an executive director to live a balanced healthy life.”

— Joanne Smith

Founder and Executive Director, Girls for Gender Equity (GGE)