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Partner List

We are part of a vibrant community of individuals and organizations that are working to advance the power and promise of social change groups. We collaborate, learn from each other and support each others’ efforts to create a more just world.  We’ve highlighted some of the groups we’ve partnered with in recent years.

The Social Transformation Project (STP) supports and strategizes with prominent senior leaders, consultants, and intermediaries to increase the power and impact of the progressive movement. STP’s unique network is working across movements to create a more just and sustainable world, and leading by example. Many of our SSC team members have been trained by STP as well as the Rockwood Institute.

We are a proud member of RoadMap, a national network of social justice consultants. SSC’s principal, Elsa Ríos served as RoadMap Co-Director for the first four years and most recently has authored a leadership transition guide for organizations served by RoadMap.

Our friends at Movement Strategy Center are always advancing new thinking on transformative movement building. MSC works to create a movement ecosystem of deeply connected groups that share values and rely on each other to respond to the needs of impacted communities, advance policy solutions, and transform the lives of people on the frontlines.  

We’ve partnered with the Cricket Island Foundation to deliver a year-long leadership learning circle for leaders of youth organizations. This innovative program combines leadership skills training, individual coaching and peer learning labs to produce extraordinary results. Read more about our Leadership Learning Circle model.

The National Institute for Reproductive Health supports a proactive and unapologetic approach to reproductive rights, health and justice through bold advocacy, creative education campaigns, and high impact partnerships. SSC is now in our second year of partnering with NIRH on a multi-state, organizational capacity building initiative.

Lotus for Ignit

Ideas that
Ignite Change

“Transformation — profound, fundamental, irreversible and sustainable change — depends on and is made possible by the internal shifts in people and groups as well as external shifts in culture, systems and lived reality. In transformative moments, these two forms of change — internal and external — fuel each other in an interdependent catalytic dance.”

— Kristen Zimmerman and Julie Quiroz

“Strategies for Social Change has been a partner in NLIRH’s growth as an organization and our leadership over the course of a decade.”

— Jessica González-Rojas

Executive Director, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health